Blog Promotion: 4 Simple Steps for Initial Blog Marketing Strategy

So you’ve finally gotten your blog ready, now it is time for you to determine your first blog promotion. Needless to say, you will need to up-date it frequently with information, however you will also need to have website visitors. Here are 4 basic steps you can take to ensure far more exposure and also visitors to your blog when first starting out.

Automatic Pinging For ones Preliminary Blog Promotion

Whenever you upload a fresh post to your current blog, WordPress will immediately alert several search engines and internet directories, which will help you with your blog promotion. You can find this within your “Writing” settings within your blog. This is a great function which lets pinging services learn that you have fresh content material on your blog. If you are just like me, however, this could pose an issue. At times once I create a post, I will discover a mistake I wish to modify or something I would like to add. If you revise your post and publish again, it’ll go out and ping these services all over again. Should this happen a lot, you may be flagged as being a spammer. To avoid this you are able to use a plugin referred to as Smart Update Pinger. After installing this particular WordPress plugin, your post are only published once out to these types of pinging sites.

Use RSS Submission In Your Blog Promotion To Generate Site Visitors

Another good blog promotion strategy is always to promote your blog via your RSS feed. RSS means “really simple syndication.” Basically your RSS feed enables your online subscribers and readers to get your content on either a web-based reader or perhaps a desktop application. It will allow individuals a way to keep track of their resources in one place. I enjoy FeedBurner. It will take your standard RSS feed and improve it, making it a lot more web browser friendly, which is really a great blog strategy. It will also then add some other good features such as tracking and email notification. To get this done, simply go to, sign up, and follow their instructions with regard to burning a feed. Once you have done this, you can get the FD FeedBurner Plugin, that will redirect your RSS feed to your FeedBurner feed. Finally, go to Feed Validator and ensure you have your feed validated to make sure it has been setup correctly. Now that your RSS feed is all established, you can use it in your initial blog promotion. You can get a lot more exposure and even more inbound links aimed at your site by posting your RSS feed to various submission sites. When you Google RSS submission sites, you will discover lists of different websites you are able to distribute your feed to so that you can promote your blog. Before losing it too much when performing this, realize you are able to use outsourcing for this tedious process for under $50. Just Google RSS submission services and you should find different companies that do provide this service. Nonetheless, in case your budget will not accommodate outsourcing, try to put aside a little time each day until you have accomplished the task.

You will want to Benefit From Social Bookmarking For Blog Promotion

Another blog promotion strategy that works well is Social Bookmarking. By installing the OnlyWire for WordPress plugin, you can bookmark your posting to over 40 services for free. You’ll have to set up each service you would like to bookmark to, which will take a while; however, once you’ve performed this, whenever you publish a post, you can bookmark it effortlessly to all of these sites. It also puts an Onlywire share button on your blog. This enables your readers who use OnlyWire the opportunity to share your articles across all their networks simply right from your blog. The search engines love the social bookmarking sites. Any time others bookmark your posts, as well, this will generate multiple inbound links from these bookmarking sites, which will give your post additional authority and better search engine rankings. If you do not desire to install the actual OnlyWire WordPress plugin, it is possible to still bookmark your blogposts by simply placing OnlyWire directly into your internet browser. Immediately after posting, make sure you submit to OnlyWire. This will save you lots of time using the social bookmarking blog strategy.

Automating Your Marketing With Email Can Perform Effectively For Blog Promotion

Set your blog promotion on autopilot with your autoresponder account. Finally, you are able to setup your auto responder so that each and every time you create a blog post, it can immediately send an email to inform your online subscribers. If you are using AWeber, you can actually set this up by going to “Blog Broadcast.” Should you not wish to deliver an email out with every post, you may post everyday or often, you can set it up to email subscribers each week, or by designating it to send the email after so many blogposts are published. It’s just an additional way to help remind your readers of your blog, your new blogposts, and also a means to automate it for your benefit.

Creative Content – The Best Blog Promotion Strategy

The online marketing arena is a very competitive one, you will often find yourself competing against hundreds of thousands if not millions of sites which are trying to promote a certain idea which falls within your niche, in order to set yourself apart from the ever growing sea of blogs and spam blogs you have to come up with unique, original and creative content, there is no two ways about it.

When we talk about original content there are two concepts that come to mind immediately, your understanding of the word creative and original may differ if you have a search engine optimization or Internet marketing background, if this is a case then you obviously be thinking about original content for search engines, this is usually the mistake that most Internet marketers make, they focus on creating content that will seem original to Google and many other search engines however, tricking the search engines into believing that your site is completely unique will not do you any good if your visitors coming to your site once, spend a few seconds and then bounce back to the page they came from.

Retaining your visitors is just as important as bringing them to your site in the first place, I say this because there is an increasing number of webmasters who specially focus on grabbing someone else’s content and then spinning them in order to create what they think to be original content for the search engines.

When someone grabs spins an article the keywords that make it have sense art lost in the replacement, as a result the final excerpt will make no sense at all when read by a human, search engines spiders don’t yet have the capability of associating one word with another or a group of sentences in order to determine whether or not a paragraph makes sense however, as the semantic web unfolds and grows into a more intelligent stage these content spamming methods will become obsolete.

So we go back to square one, what is the best method to promote your content? — I am sure you have heard this hundreds if not thousands of times, then go ahead and remind you one more time: “content is king” — content refers to text, images, audio, video files an interactive material which you may embed and show visitors who come to your site, as you see he doesn’t only involve text which is what most people think when they were content comes in to play. Creating good materials and a good web design will help you go a long way when promoting your newly created blog.

Website Promotion Internet Marketing – Without It You Will Probably Never Make Any Real Profits

Does your business have a website but sadly no website promotion Internet marketing to go with it (which is actually the key to really taking your business to a new level)?

If you said yes to this question, don’t worry too much at this point, because you’re in the same boat as thousands of other business owners.

The sad fact is, a lot of business owners invest thousands of dollars in a pretty looking webpage but there is no active promotion going on for the website.

Let’s take a generic brick and mortar business for example. Let’s say…

You’ve just opened the doors to your business. You’ve got your building, your lights, your checkout counter your products or services and you’re ready to make a profit with it all.

So now comes the most important part. You need customers coming in and visiting your store. The problem is, customers aren’t just going to come in because you’ve opened your doors for business!


The way it works 99% of the time is that you’ve got your business organized, you open your doors and then MOST IMPORTANTLY you actively start promoting your business so people hear about you and come in to visit you.

That’s when you have a chance to make some sales and start operating a profitable business.

Now why do you think this is any different on the Internet? The truth is that on the Internet, website promotion is even more important than advertising offline. Because right now, Google is king! And without promoting your website you’re probably not going to be found on Google.

Being on page one of Google basically means the same thing as having your business located on the busiest street of your town… which equals to having the most visitors to your website.

So… visitors don’t just come to your business once you open the doors!  Quiet the opposite! You’ve got to work hard to get them there… and it’s exactly the same when you launch your website. You have to actively promote your website with things like article marketing, videos on YoutTube, social media marketing, Book marketing and SEO optimizing your actual site so you show up in the search engines.

So as I said earlier, don’t worry right now… because you are in the same boat as thousands of other business owners. The Internet is still pretty much the wild west for small business owners.

But just by reading this article you’ve actually just put yourself in a better position than 99.99% of business owners. You are now in a position of actually start making money with your website.

And the key to the puzzle now is to take action. Start taking advantage of the promotion avenues I’ve mentioned above and find a stand for your website on the busy streets of the Internet. It’s time to start monetizing your site with website promotion Internet marketing strategies!